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Wellington CBD and Medicinal Marijuana Care's front reception desk.

About Wellington CBD & Medicinal Marijuana Care

We are Doctor Owned & Operated facility specializing in CBD & Medical Marijuana Treatments. We conduct the evaluation and register the forms in obtaining your Florida Medical Marijuana Card.

Doctor Owned & Operated means we care about what CBD products our patients & pets consume. To remove all concerns we offer tested, tried, and truly the best CBD products available. No Medical Card required to purchase. All our products contain 0.3% – 0.0% THc

As an Independent Distributor, we also offer the innovative LIFEWAVE PHOTOTHERAPY GENERAL WELLNESS PATCHES. These are a historical breakthrough in affordable stem cell activation technology!

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Wellington CBD & Medicinal Marijuana Care Doctors

Dr Nicola Masse M.D. provides medical marijuana care. She is the chief Dr. at Wellington CBD and Medicinal Marijuana Care

Nicola Masse M.D.
Chief Doctor

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